Stopping quickly in an emergency situation is critical to the safety of the passengers. At the Brake and Alignment Service center we only use high quality ceramic and semi metallic brake friction parts which allows us to give you the best warranty in the industry. Stop in today for a free inspection and evaluation of your braking system. You’re even welcome to look at it with us.

Anti-Lock Brake Service
Anti lock brakes were designed to minimize stopping distances in emergency situations. When you apply full pressure to the braking system the antilock system takes over and essentially pumps the brake for you in an effort to avoid locking up the tires and creating a skid which increases the stopping distance. If you have a yellow “abs” light shinning constantly on your instrument panel, this indicates that your antilock braking system is disabled and a skid will most likely occur in a panic stop. The Brake Service Center can diagnose and repair your vehicle with our state of the art equipment and get you back on the road quickly.

Computerized Alignment
Proper alignment of your vehicles wheels plays a very important part of maximizing the life of your tires. A properly aligned vehicle creates less resistance while driving thus increasing fuel economy and reducing unnecessary tire wear. Wheel alignment is often confused with wheel balancing. The two really have nothing to do with each other, except for the fact that they affect ride and handling. If a wheel is out of balance, it will cause a vibration that can be felt in the steering wheel and/or the seat. If the alignment is out of adjustment, it can cause excessive tire wear and steering and tracking problems. Pulling problems are not always related to wheel alignment. Problems with tires (especially unequal air pressure), brakes and power steering can also be responsible. It is up to a good wheel alignment technician to determine the cause.

Free Shuttle
Need a ride to work, school or home while we service your vehicle? You got it! Let our shuttle vehicle take you to your destination quickly and safely. When your vehicle is finished, we’ll come back and get you as well. What will you owe us for this service? Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. A simple thank you will be just fine.

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