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General 275/60R20 FR GRABBER APT (115T) $179.86 $719.44
4 Mounting And Balancing $23.00 $92.00
• m/b
  Total $811.44

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Price Excludes Tire Pressure Monitoring Service and Taxes

Peninsula Tire and Auto

Price on Saturday, December 14, 2019:$179.86 each, excluding installation, scroll down for quotes

General 275/60R20 FR GRABBER APT

All-Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV Radial tire with Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol.


* Rim protection ring (FR) – select sizes only * Strong cut and chip resistant compound coupled with ultra high strength steel belts and a broad, flat contour * An absorption layer underneath the tread and counter-angled shoulder grooves * Flat footprint, optimized tread pattern stiffness and an improved tread compound * Staggered grooves, traction notches and alternating shoulder scoops * High density, full depth sipes * Carries the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) symbol * 60,000 Mile (96,000 Km) Limited Treadwear Warranty * 45 Days Satisfaction Trial


* Provide confident stability, even wear and responsive handling * Isolate the vehicle from road disturbances and dissipated sound generated from the center of the tread * Provide stable handling and extended tread life * For superior loose surface grip * Provide enhanced wet and snow traction performance * RMA Approved For Severe Snow Service

Tire Specifications

Load Rating115
Speed RatingT118 mph  (190 kph)
Load Capacity2679pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation44PSI
Mileage Warranty60,000
UTQG520 A BTreadwear: 520
Traction: A
Temperature: B

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